NFL Prospect Michael Sam FULL-FRONTAL Nude Photo

MichaelSamMizzou52If you are curious to see NFL Prospect Michael Sam in the nude you may get to now! Allegedly we have found his nude photos on Grindr along with his g-rated Grindr photo. When does the X-Video come out of the future NFL player and the first gay football player to possibly be in the NFL that is out. If he has problems making it in the NFL we know he will always have a place in the porn world. Continue reading

Justin Bieber’s Penis

Who wants to take a peek at Justin Bieber nude?  Looks like we may have stumbled upon a great find and are kind of surprised he has such a big one.  This is some thick meated and uncut canadian pork.  You notice the tattoo of the Biebs when you lower down to his private area.  See below for the full nude shot of Justin Bieber (18+ ONLY): Continue reading

Horse Hung Cock bigger than a bare foot

We know our members on aren’t really size queens; they just like to be impressed. Well this week “impressive” is definitely one word that’s been used to describe the fat, uncut cock that fan-favorite Mario Costa keeps in his shorts. Joining him this week is new comer to the site Antonio Kava! ario is a bit sore and Antonio is giving him a nice back rub. “That feels really good” Mario moans as Antonio takes it one step further. He slides his hand down Mario’s chest right onto his crotch and says “this would feel even better-inside me” You don’t have to tell Mario twice as he stands up to give Antonio access to his growing meat. Antonio buries his face into Mario’s crotch as he feels that Cuban python come to life. He holds back as long as he can before lust gives in and he hauls out that dick for a better view. He opens as wide as he can before sliding that massive meat down his throat. He takes his time sucking and lapping at that cock and smooth balls wanting to pleasure it as best he can. Mario then bends Antonio over on the chaise and kneels behind him to get a taste of that ass. He slips his tongue inside as Antonio bucks that ass back on it. He eats that ass out wanting to get it nice and wet for what he’s got in store. Once that hole is ready for more, Mario stands up and gets in position. He slaps his bare cock on that hole making Antonio all but beg for it. He then suits up and pushes his fat knob against that sweet hole. Continue reading

Vintage Gay Loops featuring John Holmes

Vintage Gay Loops does two things: it gives us old movies digitally re-mastered and at a good playback quality, and it follows the history of gay porn more or less from day one, certainly in movie terms. It also carries a blog, though when I saw this in April 2010 it had not been updated since November 2009, so we’re not sure what’s going on there.

But meanwhile: once you get into the members’ area you find a good selection of oldies from the past. You’re going to find guys with outrageous hair, clothes and mustaches in here as we are taken back to the 1970’s and 1980’s, but that is part of the attraction. If you remember names such as John Holmes, then you will find his first ever gay scene in here, and if you remember those movies where the boys were young, blonde and shaggy and the men were from Marlborough Country with mustaches, jeans and hairy chests, then you’re going to find them in here too.
But the main point is that the site is about preserving and updating these movies. Remember that they were originally filmed on celluloid, or later videos, and that the visual quality isn’t going to be as good as if these were filmed today. But the guys behind Vintage Gay Loops have had a go at touching things up, and making these scenes as clear and digital as they possibly could. If you want to see what I mean then check out the clips and trailers on the free tour. These play in Flash and you not only get the great blasts from the pasts, but you get some of the original crackle and hiss too, this simply adds to the appeal of the videos.

You will also notice that there is neat information about the movies, you can click through the actors and find what else they appear in, and the site has done its homework in this respect. There were 61 movies when I last called in and I found WMV formats in use with a resolution of 720 x 480 @ 2000k, which was fine – any bigger and you’d start to lose quality.

There are galleries too, though not as many as there are videos, but videos come with some sample screen shots, so the site really is mainly about the movies, and taking you back to the pre-condom days. But it also carried the ‘Pride Timeline’ page which is really interesting. This starts, at the bottom of the page, with information about Sappho, around 600BC, and comes right up to date in 2009 with the first openly gay head of state to be elected, in Iceland if you were wondering. Ok, so you may only read it once but it’s the first time I’ve seen such interesting and historical information on a gay porn site.

So, your next question is, is it worth joining Vintage Gay Loops? Well, yes. The recent news is that they are still going and still adding, there are over 60 scenes here now and there are some well known names. The site is out there as we speak, researching and finding old clips and scenes, putting them into a digital format and touching them up, and they are still updating with more information and movies. As for memberships, there is a trial offer at $2.95 for three days and a good monthly rate of $29.95, plus a three-monthly option which gives you even better value for money. And the other reason for joining is, of course, to find things like the classic John Holmes scenes, and his first gay one in particular, plus all the other scenes you can remember from your youth. Check it out, you will probably find that scene that you remember fondly from your first ever look at gay porn back in…

Dark Thunder Ebony Hardcore

It’s all about ebony hardcore movies, it’s Mac friendly, DRM free and it’s exclusive. Are these the reason that Dark Thunder consistently gets good reviews on adult review sites? Or is it because it is simply one of the hottest black on black sites around at the moment? I thought you’d like to know so I took advantage of a free membership and had a look around inside.

What I saw first of all was an interactive and well designed set of pages where there was news and update information. And I also noticed the top menu that took me to the main parts of the site. All pretty standard stuff but with a neat color scheme, a well set out design and loads of pics of horny black guys naked, well, my attention was well and truly grabbed right from the start. Then, when I saw that I also had access to the famed Men Live, a live show site that is exclusive and that also has great reviews, I was hooked. Signing up for Dark Thunder is value not just because of the hot porn, but also because of this live show site, which is worth the sign up fee on its own. You will see the schedule and you only need to be there at the right time to watch the live sex unfolding right before your eyes. It’s not all ebony action here, but it does come with a large archive or recorded chows so you will no doubt find some. And you can also chat to the performers while you’re viewing.

Meanwhile, back on the main site, what about the videos and galleries? The Man Sex Videos, as they are titled, numbered over 110 and these are available for download in WMV or as streams in various speeds of Flash and WMV; you see a simple pic, read a description and click your choice – it’s very easy. The quality is good, the performances are faultless, the sex is hard and erotic, and the whole kit and caboodle is spot on.

The Hardcore Pics area brings you around 200 galleries with black on black action and solo guys, loads of individual pics can be collected, and images clicked up to good sizes (900 x 600), and came with slide show options. These galleries were also good quality and were a mix of posed and action shots. Some of the action ones made me smile: sexy bottom guy pulls a horrified face to camera as a large black cock penetrates his ass, that kind of thing, and I found some interracial galleries in here too. Those are not complaints, just more reasons to sign up and check out this good offering.

Continuing along the menu I came to the Club Auto Shop. This area consists of a couple of pages of videos where the action is set in a garage; it’s all very street-wise and ‘in da hood’ which is good to see, and the perfect porn continues in these themed videos. You’ve then got a XXX Cinema where you can link to an On Demand theater and click into the archives from Men Live.

Dark Thunder is presented by Gunz Blazing, a well known and well respected company who knows exactly how to make quality porn. This means you’ve got no worries about the site vanishing any time soon. There are updates, and there is always someone on hand to assist if you have any technical troubles. I didn’t. The same company presents your free live show site so you are assured of quality there too.

So, a generous helping of good quality ebony porn, neat videos and galleries, good updates, and the great bonus addition of the exclusive Men Live, plus a hot company behind it all. For a standard membership fee you can access all this and then hang around for the regular updates. Dark Thunder is probably one of the best ebony, gay, hardcore sites I’ve seen in a long while.

Naked Sword Top Five

I was in the mood to watch some good quality porn so naturally I went to Naked Sword. Actually I went to and there I came across a problem. What to view? I knew I was in the mood for something but what? There’s a neat search option right there on the homepage but that’s only going to help you if you now what you’re looking for but there are also some areas where the searching has been done for you. For example there are lists of what’s new and there are some featured movies, studios and themes. But I was interested to see what was ‘most watched’ as that surely must be an indication of what’s good. I mean if loads of people have seen it it’s a fairy good recommendation isn’t? So what was top of the pops at Naked Sword?

Pack Attack 2 from hot House Video was top of the list as it turned out. People obviously like their gang bangs and hung hunks! This movie is packed with studly guys, huge cocks and ass stretching fuck scenes with the likes of Marco Paris and Mike Power.

Hot House Video came in with number two too: Trunks 5 was second on the list. Another great quality production this one had five scenes including a hot one with our favourite Mason Wyler. All five scenes were set by the pool, so lots of swimwear and bulging Speedos for us underwear fans, the guys again were studs and hung and the trailer is a great way of seeing if this is what you want to watch. (It will be!)

But twinks get a look in in the top five too with Boy Meets Boy from Bijou Films at number three in the charts. This is a classic from the 80’s so except some wild and long hair on the smooth and skinny boys. Naked Sword not only gives you trailers but it also has a set of screen caps for each movie and these scroll past when you hover your mouse. It’s a really good way of testing out the content before you commit to clicking over the to VOD area and buying some minutes. (There were other Bijou productions from the 70’s and 80’s on the list and many more in the site itself.)

Number four: Magnum Griffin 4 and we’re back to pre-condom days and bad haircuts again with this old favourite. But the sex is still hot and hard and the guys muscled and hung.

And number five was from Pacific Sun; Come To Foreskin Island was the title which should suggest that the boys ere were uncut – as indeed they were. The movie itself is cut into four scenes and you’ll find some intergeneration activity in some of these hot little moments in paradise.

Those were just the top five on the most watched page, you can go on and view all the titles through this page but there are other options too. I was happy with what other members had been viewing and that last production from Pacific Sun was enough to get me buying minutes. You’ll find other studios too of course like Lukas Entertainment, Falcon and Catalina in the list. If you were wondering about prices you’ll find the link to the VIOD department where you can buy time from $3.95 for 15 minutes up to $84.95 for 1,000 minutes. You can also ‘rent’ movies for a period of time, $9.95 for seven days – with other options too, or you can buy the license outright and never pay to view it again. By the way – the top Naked Sword movies were also to be found in the video on demand area by searching, but there was a completely different list of the ‘most watched’ there. But that’s an adventure for another day when I’m in the mood for something hot but I don’t know what.

Who is Hotter Miami boy Connor Maguire or Jersey Boy Alexander Greene?

We love one thing and that’s Extra Big Dicks not just the site but the humongous dicks we see coming out of Miami. Connor Maguire, 19 is one of the huge dick boys from Miami, Florida. You can see him pictured here with 19 year old Alexander Greene originally from Jersey. So we have a Jersey Boy and a Miami boy pictured here who do you think is hotter? WE know who has the bigger cock don’t we?

Muscle Men Nude

It used to be, in the old days , that to get to see some hot muscled bodies up close you would either have to buy a fitness magazine and use a lot of imagination, or go to a live wrestling bout. In either case, the chances are that the guys were not posing or wrestling for your gay entertainment, they were simply doing their jobs. But now, thanks to a growth n the porn industry over the years, and thanks to some webmasters knowing their stuff, there are loads of gay muscle men out there posing nude and sometimes even jerking off, and more. If you’re really lucky then you find a site where the guys wrestle, strip, jerk and then fuck too. I’m thinking of Naked Kombat here. (

But that’s just one site in a galaxy of muscle men sites out there, so where do you start? Well, I did a quick look around for you to see what came up, and I filtered some out because they were only advert sites – sending you off in all directions in your quest, but not actually delivering the goods.

I started with a free site which was basically a site for links to other sites, and some free photos. I was a bit wary as this wasn’t an actual muscle man site in its own right, but I liked its link list. It was a good starting pace for an exploration.

Ignoring the tempting ‘$1.00 gay porn sites’ atop the list, as these kinds of things are usually trial offers which recur at higher amounts before you’ve had a chance to cancel, I checked out some titles I recognized.

Hot Muscle Dudes has 63 full length movies and is a part of the Male Spectrum Network, which means you get some muscle guys in solos and action, and then access to several other sites too. Good value and good fun. Manifest Men is another muscle site and one hat is probably more specialized. If you know your bodybuilders you’re going to recognize names here. Zeb Atlas, Matt Rush, Vin Marco… real, professional body builders with great bodies in a site that carries its own videos and galleries, news and updates, and one which has a store, a place where members can comment and get involved, and one where you pay a standard sign up fee for exclusive muscle content.

Power Men is another such place, another site that dedicates itself to sexy hunks who know how to work their bodies, and their cocks. In all of these sites you get nude muscle men, many of whom are gay. Check the tour at Power Men for a model index of over 160 gym-fit-and-then-some guys, and then check the sign up page for some great promises (which are kept) and again, a standard membership rate for exclusive content.

Checking back to that page which listed various sites, I tried a couple more but they seemed to be running low on ideas. Muscle Hunks looked to be pretty good with a great selection of guys posing, the promise of video and galleries, some great photography and a sign up price of just under $30.00 a month. I also noticed sites like the Visconti Triplets, who are certainly muscled though not body builders, and Mark Wolff, woof woof! Who comes complete with exclusives and some really cute, bulging, friends in his hardcore. But the list then went onto list sites where the guys have some muscles, for sure, but who were not your classic, posed, oiled, strapping hunks with small pouches set amid tree trunk thighs.

But I think the point is, there are now loads of gay muscle men to find out there and they aren’t scared to show off all their muscles. Some are bigger than others, but all are worth seeing. And my tip? If you’re really into finding sexy sites with genuine bodybuilders, look for sites that have news and forums, information and details as these are going to be run by guys (and girls) who share your love for gay muscle men.

Where Twinks and Gay Men come to Play!