Prince Harry’s Penis?

prince harrys myspace picYou either love them or your hate them I guess. They either turn you on or turn you off. Who am I talking about? Redheads… maybe. The British Royal Family… maybe, maybe both. OK then, both, but mainly the Royals. But within the ‘Firm’ as the Queen calls the family, there are two gorgeous young guns that the whole world is mad about: Princes William and Harry.

I was surfing around the other day and, for some unknown reason, fell upon a forum that was discussing Prince Harry. This wasn’t just an ordinary forum about his parents or his upbringing, at least the post I found wasn’t, this one was about his cock. I re-read the page; yup, they were actually trying to work out if Prince Harry was hung.

The debate went along the lines of: well his father isn’t, (how do they know?!) but his mother’s boyfriend was… (which one? And, again, how do they now?) and so on but no one could come up with any evidence. And the only evidence that will do, apart from actually seeing it in the flesh, is photographic. So my search started; to find the ultimate picture of Prince Harry and, if possible, of his cock.

An interesting adventure to say the least. I searched for him and specifically ‘cock’, and found this: site which shows a statue (lying down) of a supposedly dead PH, no he’s not dead by the way. This site then points directly to the bulge in the front of the statue’s pants, and that’s a fairly impressive looking one. But is it based on him? The search continued…

Because ‘cock’ has other connotations, like cock-up and cock-and-bull, I was led down some pretty boring paths before retyping my search as ‘penis’. Where I came up with Harry Potter’s Penis as opposed to Prince Harry’s. (A fuss over nothing that one but let’s move on.)

I found some more relevant information on a website that is all about the debate over circumcision and whether ‘tis nobler to be cut or uncut. On this site it was clearly stated that: “As reported in the Mirror newspaper (8 November 2003), the United Kingdom’s Prince William and Price Harry of Wales are intact (uncircumcised penis). The future king of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and his brother, are in the majority in the UK as infant circumcision is not routine and the vast majorty if British men are intact.” (Sic)

So we know that PH is uncut. What else can we find out?

Changing to ‘naked’ in the hope of finding some interesting pics and maybe some silly morphed ones too, I came across the news that Prince Harry walks around his barracks rooms naked. If only one of his comrades would whip out his instamatic and snap a pic of the royal pee-pee we’d settle the debate as to whether he’s hung or not. But no such lick.

In an image search I came up with a picture of the royal topless, has a rather naff photo of Harry: looking hot and more pictures of Mr Potter’s peter than were good for me; PH looking good on the front cover of RADAR (not) a nice one of his tummy: at jaymaster’s website and one of him messing about with a rather gruesome friend, on this blog.

But no cock shot of the prince bearing his euro royal meat!

I was about to give up when something else caught my eye and I found what is probably the closest thing we’re ever going to get to a shot of the royal bulge (until some future scandal rocks the Royal family). This is one link you should definitely click on:

And then it will be up to you to decide if that’s his real cock outline or just a ‘bad pants day’.